Landscape Maintenance: Professional Care for Your Garden

Our landscape maintenance services are reserved for our recently completed design/build clients and will ensure that your garden grows more beautiful season after season. Our commitment to your garden does not end with the completion of your project. Our Keep-It-Green landscape maintenance division works diligently to protect the investment you have made in your landscape. It is essential to have professional landscape maintenance and care to ensure that your garden’s specific needs are being met.

Each garden we design is as unique as the client, and our landscape maintenance is designed to cater to each specific garden. Far beyond simply trimming your plants and shrubs, our landscape maintenance crews focus on the entire landscape from fountains and lighting to the essential regular fertilizing.

Professional Landscape Maintenance

We have a special relationship with the gardens that we’ve built. Each garden we create holds a special place with our company. Being part of their design and construction gives us an investment in ensuring their longevity. We are as invested as you are in preserving and enhancing the beauty of your landscape. Our services are focused on nurturing your garden so that with each passing year it grows more beautiful than the last. From ornamental pruning to fertilizing services and annual color installation, you can trust your landscape maintenance to the professionals that have been in the garden industry since 1953.

Protecting Your Investment

We’ve been creating and caring for beautiful gardens for over 60 years. We bring that experience and attention to detail to all of our landscape maintenance clients. We know that you care deeply about your landscape, which is why you trusted Monji Landscape Companies to design and build it. We also know that you care about the quality of care that your garden receives, and we understand and appreciate the value of your investment. Our landscape maintenance teams work to ensure that your landscape is not only maintained but also grows more beautiful with each passing season.

Landscape Maintenance Designed to Keep Your Garden in Bloom

Our landscape maintenance teams will manage your garden’s water and apply fertilizers as needed to ensure that your lawn, plants, and trees shine. Plants are very much like people—they need regular food and water to thrive. Unfortunately, fertilizing and feeding the landscape is an often-forgotten necessity. We fertilize your plants, shrubs, and trees to make sure they grow vigorously and produce spectacular blooms. In addition to providing regular fertilizing applications, our landscape maintenance crews focus on management of your landscape’s most precious resource: water. Given the current drought restrictions on regular watering, it is even more important to have professional care when managing your landscape’s water footprint. We’ll make sure that your drip irrigation and sprinklers are giving your landscape exactly what it needs.

Professional Tree Services

Trees are the foundation upon which a beautiful landscape is built. Your trees are critical to the beauty of your landscape, and we know that. We provide the expert care and pruning services that these majestic creatures demand. Truthfully, more often than not, people over-prune their trees. They either prune too aggressively, too often, or at the wrong time of year. When our landscape maintenance team members meet with you, they will let you know exactly how much or how little pruning your trees actually need. We will ornamentally prune your trees so that they are shaped into their distinctive, natural beauty.

Seasonal Enhancements

Color is a vital part of any garden, and seasonal annuals are one of our favorite ways to transform the look of a landscape. Each changing season presents a unique opportunity to change the color scheme of your garden with a splash of seasonal annuals. This way, regardless of if it is in the dead of winter or the brutal peak heat of summer, your garden is always shining and full of color. Our Bakersfield landscape designers will work with you to select combinations that are sure to add a dynamic splash to your landscape.

Professional Landscape Maintenance Quote

Discover the difference with professional landscape maintenance services from Monji Landscape Companies. We are excited about caring for and improving your landscape!