Drought Tolerant Landscaping: Designs for Our Changing Environment

We are focused on creating landscapes that are both sustainable and beautiful. Today, in California, we are faced with what may seem like a daunting task for our landscapes. As the drought of recent years has intensified and consistent rainfall is less and less reliable, we must adapt how we create our client’s gardens to fit this changing environment. This has lead to the exciting trend of drought tolerant landscapes. As designers, this gives us the opportunity to create a drought tolerant landscape that is bold, beautiful, and respectful of our environment.

Our Commitment to the Drought Tolerant Landscape

Since 1953, our designers and contractors have been dedicated to creating a greener tomorrow. We understand that this commitment means being stewards of our natural environment. Drought conditions throughout California have reinforced our commitment to ensuring that we create drought tolerant landscape designs that have a positive impact on our environment and our Valley’s most precious resource: water.

Over the years, homeowners have become educated to the fact that natural turf grass is one of the largest consumers of water in the landscape. Therefore, we must begin to reimagine what a beautiful garden is in California. We must move towards drought tolerant landscape designs that embrace our changing environmental circumstances and at the same time maintain the standard of beauty we expect.

Saving Water and Saving Money

We begin each project by evaluating the current landscape’s watering systems and looking for ways to improve their efficiency. A critical component to a drought tolerant landscape is an efficient watering system. We want the maximum amount of water to be delivered to our plants, shrubs and trees with the minimum amount of waste. While designing your drought tolerant landscape, we also take care to inform our clients of potential water savings and rebates that may be available through better design and management of their landscape’s irrigation.

When creating your drought tolerant landscape, we also look for ways to reduce long-term maintenance on the irrigation system so that the water savings also translate into less headaches for our clients. Ultimately, no one can predict how much water will cost in the future, and therefore, it is wise to begin looking at drought tolerant landscape options for your property today.

A Drought Tolerant Landscape Makes a Beautiful Garden

Beyond the nuts and bolts of your landscape’s irrigation system, our designers look at ways to transform your property into a more beautiful drought tolerant landscape. Our team will suggest drought tolerant varieties that will use dramatically less water and still give you a beautiful look season after season. You do not have to sacrifice the beauty of your garden just to save water. Our designers will build a planting palette of eye-catching perennials, stunning succulents, and blooming native varieties to create a gorgeous drought tolerant landscape for you.

Understanding Grass in the Drought Tolerant Landscape

As part of our water-conscious design evaluation, we will also work with you to design a landscape with a smaller turf footprint. We understand that turf has its place in the landscape, but due to its overwhelming consumption of water, it should be used where it will receive the most activity. Other areas, where grass may struggle or be rarely used, can be better designed to fit the drought tolerant landscape. We will walk you through the many possibilities, from expanding your planter beds, incorporating artificial turf, adding additional hardscape to your patio, or simply using decorative stone, to eliminate waste-full turf spaces. Whether you are looking to completely transform your garden or just take small steps towards using less water, we are here to help.

Begin Saving Water Today With a Drought Tolerant Landscape

Reach out to us today and our talented designers will meet with you for a thorough design consultation to help you develop the perfect drought tolerant landscape for your property. We are here to help you save water and create a more beautiful garden in your outdoor space.