Decomposed granite is a landscaping material made from granite aggregates 1/4” or smaller. It can be used for walkways, patio areas, planter mulching, etc. Driveway paving is another area where you might use decomposed granite. This material can come in tan or gray colors and can provide a natural, rustic look to any garden. If you are looking for an alternative to a concrete slab or asphalt, decomposed granite is an economical and aesthetically pleasing option.
There are three types of decomposed granite surfaces: loose, stabilized, and resin coated. Each has different qualities and benefits.
Loose decomposed granite is simply granite aggregates without any additives. It is the least expensive option and provides excellent drainage. Loose DG can be compacted to create a more solid surface, but it will still need to be filled in often to restore lost aggregate due to erosion.
Stabilized DG includes a stabilizer mixed into the granite aggregate. It is slightly more expensive than loose DG, but is still cheaper than concrete or asphalt. Stabilized DG looks similar to loose DG, but is less susceptible to erosion and require less maintenance.
Resin Coated
Resin coated DG is mostly used for driveways and parking areas. This type of DG is similar to asphalt and is the most expensive option of the three. It is the most durable but is the least permeable.