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Private Residence: Landscape Design

Monji Landscape Companies, a Bakersfield Landscape Company, first started building beautiful gardens in 1953. And from the very beginning, we have held firm to the belief that crafting a landscape design involves much more than simply installing a lawn and a few plants. It should present attractions that draw one in and offer plenty of reasons to continue on venturing through the garden’s rooms. Whether it is a beautiful pond-less fountain or a well-placed ornamental tree, these attractions help to create a true garden design as opposed to a “yard”. One such project which allowed us to utilize a number of different design elements within a single landscape was a unique private residence in Bakersfield,CA.

As one enters the front driveway, towering Canary Palms accent the structure of the home while being complimented by surrounding Sago palms and Pygmy Date Palms. The vertical nature of the palms is further emphasized by neighboring topiaries that also compliment the more formal Boxwood hedge that frames the driveway.

The entry offers another dynamic view, as a magnificent pond-less fountain comes within full view. The pathway is further highlighted by the continued beauty of the hedge that surrounds it. Pathway steps are accented by river stone as one is guided around the property.

One eventually arrives at another change of theme to a Japanese themed garden design, highlighted by a handcrafted stone pagoda, a natural pond-less waterfall, and surrounding Japanese maples. Also, within the property’s courtyard, another pond-less fountain gives those walking through the home a constant, soothing view of flowing water. This project offers numerous examples of how important and impactful it is to the beauty of a landscape to offer unique attractions throughout the property.

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