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Discover the Many Benefits to Adding Synthetic Turf to Your Landscape Design

Synthetic turf is an excellent alternative to real lawn, and it is becoming more and more popular in California. There has been a huge advancement in the quality of materials used to produce synthetic turf, and it now looks more realistic than ever. There are several reasons that installing synthetic turf is beneficial, including:

Synthetic turf reduces your water usage. Lawns need a little over a half gallon of water ever 1 square foot per week to stay green. If you have a 10’ x10’ lawn, that equates to 62 gallons of water every week. In times of drought, reducing your water usage is extremely important, and installing synthetic turf can help you do that.

Synthetic turf is almost maintenance free! You may have to power sweep your turf once a year to keep up its appearances, but that is nothing compared to the hours of maintenance you spend on keeping your lawn mowed, green, and weed free. This in turn reduces the amount of pollution you put into the air by using gas powered mowers and leaf blowers, and the amount of chemicals you put into the earth from weed control and fertilizers.

Synthetic turf stays green all year. Some types of grasses will go dormant during winter months, leaving your lawn brown. The drought has also taken its effect on some lawns, making it harder and harder to keep grass green. Synthetic turf will provide a beautiful green field of grass all year for your kids to play on, for you to lounge on, and for your friends to admire.

Synthetic turf is kid and pet friendly. By installing synthetic turf, you eliminate the need for harmful chemicals found in grass fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. It is also very easy to clean synthetic turf if you have pets. Some types of turf are installed with an anti-microbial infill that will eliminate bacterial buildup. A quick spritz of vinegar and water will clean up any mess.

Give synthetic turf a try and enjoy all its benefits!

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