In Design: Drought Tolerant Landscape Design

Here is an in-depth look at one of our many upcoming projects slated for construction.

Our clients wanted a drought tolerant landscape design that would be sustainable for our changing environment & beautiful. They were tired of wasting thousands of gallons of water each year to keep their lawn green & happy. They also felt like they could get more out of their front yard. They wanted a relaxing patio space to enjoy their mornings & evenings. They also did not want their drought tolerant landscape design to simply be a barren landscape of stone.

Our drought tolerant landscape design begins by completely removing the lawn from the front yard. Now we have a clean, blank slate to work with. Next, we began by designing how our clients & guests would move & interact with the space. We added a beautiful, recycled concrete patio space to offer seating in the garden. We also created a meandering path that leads from the street access to the main entry.

Next, we added a winding dry creek bed to the drought tolerant landscape design to give the garden a mixture of textures. We incorporated large granite boulders along with hand stones, cobblestone, & river stone so that the creek bed has its own unique character.

Finally, we began creating our drought tolerant planting palette for the garden design. We specified vibrant Palo Verde trees to add a striking color & character to the garden. These will serve as anchors to the whole plant/tree design & will be focal points from every view. We also added a collection of Salvias, Lavenders, & other drought tolerant varieties to bring even more color to the space.

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