Designing a Pool That Fits for You

There is nothing better than having your own private swimming pool to enjoy on a hot summer day. With all the different options and designs out there, it may be difficult to decide on what kind of pool you want. Factors such as budget, pool use, and personal taste can influence your pool design choice.


Budget is always a major factor in any pool design. Although your budget may impose limitations, you should start by planning your dream pool. After a master plan has been created, work with your contractor to bring the project into your budget. This may be accomplished by building the project in phases and postponing parts of the project until the budget becomes available.

Pool Use

Pool uses such as play, diving, or lap swimming will influence your pool design. If children will be playing in your pool, provide a shallow end (usually between 30” and 4’ deep) for safe play space. If you want to utilize your pool for lap swimming, consider choosing a long straight pool design or installing a swim jet for resistance.

Personal Taste

Your pool design should satisfy your personal taste. Size and shape of the pool can be influenced by the site conditions; but whether you want a formal, relaxed, angular, or free form shaped pool all depends on your taste. Magazines, pool design books, and various websites can provide inspiration for your perfect pool design.

The space around the pool is also very important in pool design. If you prefer a minimalistic look, you may enjoy minimal concrete finishes with lawn or plants surrounding it. If you would like room for lounging or entertaining, your pool design should include an adequate amount of concrete or other hardscape options to provide room for these activities.

A great pool design will also include the landscaping surrounding the pool area. If you prefer a naturalistic pool, choose simple designs that blend well into the surrounding landscape. Even modern pool design wisely incorporates the surrounding landscape to accentuate the beauty of the pool.

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