Drought Tolerant Garden Design WOW's Neighborhood

Our clients were struggling with the new water restrictions & had decided to completely stop watering their lawn. Over the passing months, their garden had deteriorated into a complete eyesore. They were frustrated & unsure of what to do with the space. They knew they wanted a water-friendly design & had always loved the xeriscape gardens of Arizona.

We began by completely abandoning the idea of bringing lawn back into the garden design. Working with our client, we developed a concept for a landscape design filled with succulents & drought tolerant plants. Our client had also always loved the low accent walls that are popular throughout Phoenix & Scottsdale. We agreed that this would be a unique addition to the design.

Our accent wall is a richly colored natural slate that beautifully conveys the iconic colors of the natural southwest. It divides the space & creates two gardens: one for the public & one for our client. Both areas are accented by drought tolerant plantings such as Kangaroo Paw, Agave & Aloe varieties, cacti, & ornamental grasses. Rising from behind the wall is a beautiful Palo Verde Tree that adds a dynamic splash of color & adds shade to the house.

In order to bring a sense of water to the garden design, we added two key elements. One, is our pond-less water fountain that is on a recirculating system so it uses a fraction of the water of other fountains. We also added a meandering dry creek bed that leads visitors through the garden & up to the entry.

A final touch was an updating to the existing concrete. Our clients wanted something more “natural”. So, we added our colored & textured concrete overlay to finish it like natural granite slabs. This created a more welcoming walk from the driveway to the entry. Now, our clients’ home is no longer an eyesore & is actually a beacon of the whole neighborhood!

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