Lawn-Free Landscape Design


Our clients were tired of the seemingly constant lawn maintenance that their yard demanded. Also, with the new water shortage throughout the state, they had become more conscious of how thirsty a lawn can be in the landscape. They desired a dramatic change to their yard. They wanted a garden design that would use dramatically less water & yet still provide them with a beautiful space for outdoor entertaining & relaxing.

In order to bring our clients’ vision to life, we began by eliminating the thirsty tall fescue lawn. We replaced the footprint with a beautiful thatch of synthetic turf. This created the ‘pop’ of green that our clients were looking for without the many maintenance headaches associated with traditional grass.

Next, we created a stunning palette of plants & trees that were primarily drought tolerant varieties. We incorporated beautiful Crape Myrtles, Kangaroo Paw, Agaves, ornamental grasses, & plenty more eye-catching varieties to create our new, bolder planters. As an added touch, we used a screen of Star Jasmine to cover the AC Unit & prevent it from ruining our clients’ new view into their garden.

Once we were wrapped, our clients could not believe the transformation! They now are using dramatically less water, will have much less maintenance, & yet there garden is more beautiful than it has ever been.

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