Drought Tolerant Ranch Design

When our clients purchased their sprawling ranch estate along the coastal route to Santa Maria, they loved the cooler temperatures & privacy it offered. But, they were not in love with the expansive landscape that alternated between dusty gravel & a mud pit depending on the weather. They wanted to somehow make the space around the ranch feel more complete, without adding tons of maintenance to the property. Another concern was that clients large dogs, that loved to run & play everywhere!

Our goals were clear: create a simple yet beautiful landscape that would complete our clients’ vision for a pastoral ranch estate. In order to conserve the thousands of gallons of water that the 8,000 plus square feet of property would demand to sustain turf grass, we introduced a lush thatch of artificial turf to our clients. Although they were initially reluctant, after they realized the savings in water & maintenance that the artificial turf would provide, they soon fell in love with the idea.

After we installed the massive synthetic turf footprint, we began adding dozens of native Oak trees to the landscape. These well-placed trees bring the feeling of the surrounding mountains closer to the residence. A water-friendly tree, also perfect for drought tolerant landscaping, the Oaks offered beauty & sustainability to the design.

Finally, we completed the project by adding a walking path that surrounds the property composed of a natural tan decomposed granite. This gives our clients a natural path to walk the dogs & when the pups are feeling frisky, it gives the dogs a great running path for exercise. Now, our clients’ muddy mess is gone & in its place is a lush, water-friendly ranch!

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