One-Of-A-Kind Outdoor Kitchen Design

Our clients were desperately wanting an outdoor living space that could be used for entertaining their large family. Their dream space included an outdoor kitchen that would be truly one-of-a-kind. They wanted an outdoor kitchen island that would accommodate cooking & seating for their extended family & friends.
We delivered on our clients’ dream outdoor kitchen by starting with a stunning, custom-built pizza oven. We used a natural stone to finish the exterior, which added a dynamic texture & color to the island. The natural stone also instantly pulls your eyes towards the island. In order to offset the texture of the natural stone, we used a smooth stucco to finish the surrounding areas of the kitchen island. Along with the pizza oven, we extended the “legs” of the outdoor kitchen to add ample space for cooking & seating. We even added an extended bar to the perimeter of the outdoor kitchen to make room for bar stools & chairs.
Beyond the main pizza oven, we of course included a large 4-Burner Natural Gas Grill & outdoor rated fridge. Now our clients have everything they could ever need for a large party or fabulous dinner gathering!