Mercy Hospital Pavilion Garden Design

We were honored to be selected to design & construct a new healing garden landscape design for the downtown campus of Mercy Hospital. The site posed a number of unique opportunities & challenges to our designers. The site was a massive interior space that was a focal point for the hospital’s remodeled entry. Encased in glass, the site was also looked upon by hundreds of patient rooms up above. The hospital wanted an environment that would create a relaxing visual for those visiting the hospital & for the patients in the rooms above.
Our landscape design created a stunning visual for guests in the lobby & those above. It centers around a twin cascading waterfall. This creates a soothing visual for those at ground level & offers a completely different visual for the rooms above. Also, the soothing sound of the waterfall is carried up throughout the hospital. Our landscape design also featured two large synthetic lawn patches. This created the visual of a lawn, without needing to invite loud mowers, edgers & blowers into the space for maintenance. Next, we filled the landscape design with a diverse & lush planting palette so that each corner of the garden offers something different for the eyes.
Now, Mercy Hospital’s Downtown campus has a completely unique garden space that is a draw to all that visit & a relaxing space for employees & patients.