Landscape Design: Removing a Pool & Gaining a Beautiful Garden

When we began this project, our clients had a very unique request: get rid of our swimming pool! They had a rarely used swimming pool that dominated their landscape & were interested in creating a more intimate landscape filled with unique garden “rooms”.
We eliminated the pool completely & properly compacted the native soil so that we could begin our construction. Our landscape design would divide the large space into separate, intimate spaces that could be enjoyed by our clients. In one area of the garden design, we created a lush synthetic turf thatch. The new synthetic turf would eliminate a lot of our clients’ maintenance headaches & would save a tremendous amount of water each year. Next, we installed a beautiful pairing of Bali, ornamental fountains to create a visual focal point within the landscape design. These fountains are visible not only from each garden space but also from within the main living space of the home.
Next, we created an elevated seating area at the other corner of the garden. This space is especially unique due to the fact that it provides a beautiful view of the whole garden. Surrounding this “room” we installed a beautiful planter filled with blooming roses, Boxwood hedges & ‘Oklahoma’ Redbud trees.