Landscape Design: Ranch Property Transformed

Our clients in Tehachapi, CA, owned a sprawling ranch property with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. They had always been unhappy with their yard & wanted a landscape design that would more beautifully complement the property’s surrounding environment. They also wanted a landscape design to create a grander entry to the estate’s main drive approach.
We began with a dramatic transformation to the drive approach utilizing a stunning pattern of Belgard pavers. A flowing fan pattern welcomes guests to the property, while a more formalized pattern creates the main pad. There is beautiful modeling of colors throughout the entire drive approach due to the individual character of each paver.
Next, we tackled the main landscape area. We completely removed the lawn thatch in order to create a much more naturalistic landscape design, given the area. It features a meandering creek bed that winds around the property’s porch. Surrounding our creek bed is a myriad of blooming colors & vibrant textures from our planting palette. Our planting bed is made up of richly colored decomposed granite to once again reinforce the natural aesthetic of the landscape.
Finally, we created an eye-catching waterfall that cascades dramatically into the heart of the design. It is crafted using massive, natural boulders & thick slate. It cascades down the natural slope of the property & provides a focal point worthy of this dramatic property.