Landscape Design: Perfect Backyard Getaway

Our clients had lived in their home for a number of years & had always dreamed of having a backyard they could truly enjoy. They dreamed of an outdoor living space that would offer shade, a space for cooking & a relaxing outdoor environment regardless of the season. We began working on their landscape design by focusing on the area closest to the house. We knew we needed to create shade so that our clients could actually enjoy their outdoor patio space during the peak summer temperatures. We created a spacious, lattice pergola that spanned the entire patio space & offered tons of shade. Our clients finally had shelter from the brutal Bakersfield heat! We also added fans to improve air flow through the space & recessed lights to help the space come to life in the evening hours. Our clients loved the new pergola so much, they asked us to create a similar structure over their portable spa! Along with shade, another big request from our clients was for an outdoor kitchen island that would also serve as a gathering place for guests. We created a luxurious L-shaped outdoor kitchen island that connected to the structure of the home. This made the island feel like an extension of the home’s architecture. We added a beautiful, natural veneer stone & granite countertop to the outdoor kitchen island to give it a rich finish. Our client’s new outdoor kitchen island has everything our clients could want: a large natural gas grill, side burners, an outdoor fridge & an ice chest! We also made sure to give the outdoor kitchen island plenty of bar seating so that it would become a natural destination for family, friends, & guests.
Beyond the outdoor kitchen island, we also created a beautiful custom fire pit for entertaining through the cold Fall/Winter evenings. We matched the veneer stone of the outdoor kitchen island to the fire pit & added a natural grey concrete cap to tie-into the dominant floor space within the existing landscape.
Fire & water are always crucial elements in beautiful landscapes we create. Our custom fire pit had given our clients the element of fire & now all we needed was water. Our clients worked with our designers to select a pair of beautiful fountains. Both fountain styles offer a rugged, natural stone look while being a lighter weight fiberglass construction. Now, no matter where you are in the backyard, you can enjoy the beauty of one of our client’s fountains.
Finally, we developed a rich planting palette of heavy bloomers & lush tropical plantings to give our clients the exact garden feel they wanted. Now our clients have a backyard that is the envy of all their friends & definitely the perfect Summer getaway!