Landscape Design: Outdoor Kitchen, Flagstone Patio, Fire Pit & So Much More

Our clients were desperately wanting more from their backyard. They did not have enough space to entertain, the plants/trees were either overgrown or struggling to grow, & the yard simply lacked any sort of dominant theme or sense of design. Specifically, they dreamed of an outdoor kitchen space that could accommodate large family gatherings, a fire pit for the cold winter evenings, a dramatic change to the property’s hardscape, & a major update to the general garden design. We were glad to help!

We began our construction process by completely eliminating a number of confusing planters, outdated plants/trees & the old concrete on the back patio. Now we had a clean slate that we could work with to create our landscape design! Our first task was to expand the patio space so that we could provide ample space for our new outdoor kitchen & for general seating within the landscape design. For our concrete finish, our clients wanted something that would give a much more natural finish to the patio space. We chose a sand finish concrete with a charcoal color tone to give the patio concrete a slight contrast off of the lighter tones of the home’s architecture. The sand finish also allows for the aggregate of the concrete to show through & give the concrete a more natural look & feel.

Next, we worked on our outdoor kitchen & fire pit. Our clients’ home had a lot of painted white brick as an accent but we wanted something different for these elements of the landscape design. We found a very complimentary natural ledger stone that gave us just the break sequence we were looking for. We utilized this stone on both the custom outdoor kitchen & fire pit. Our clients loved the new concrete flatwork so much that we decided on concrete countertops/caps for the kitchen & the fire pit. We used an even darker color to once again give it a subtle change from the concrete we used on the floor space. We also really wanted the fire pit space to stand out from the general patio area so we used a natural flag stone to create it. The stone our clients selected has beautiful tones of pale blues & purples that really make it “pop”!

Once we had constructed the majority of the masonry/concrete elements, we could now begin on the general landscape design. We added a wealth of blooming plants & shrubs to give our clients’ landscape design a completed update. The property was blessed with dense shade so we were also able to use a wide variety of Azaleas, Gardenia, Camellias & Ferns to give these unique spaces their own special style. Our clients also wanted water to play a big part in their landscape design. For that reason, we incorporated our stunning ‘Monticello’ Fountain off of their main patio space & within many of their window views.

One final area of the yard that definitely required a major facelift was the garden space directly outside the master bedroom. Previously, this space had been a tired patch of lawn with a few sparsely planted citrus trees. We completely remade this space incorporating a flag stone walkway that meanders around a re-purposed 3-tie fountain. Now our clients have a beautiful view directly outside their bedroom! When we were finished, our clients finally had so much more than a yard. They finally had beautiful garden!