Landscape Design: Front Yard Makeover

Our clients’ contacted us in desperate need of adding “drama” to their front landscape. They felt like their front yard lack any sort of major interest & was mostly just a large stretch of turf grass. Our clients dreamed of having a meandering walkway from their sidewalk to their main entry. They also wanted to incorporate natural stone into the design, either on the walkway or in some other form. Finally, our clients made it clear to our designers that they would be much happier with less grass!
We began our design by removing roughly one-fourth of the overall lawn footprint in order to make room for our new walkway & expanded planters. Next, we created a meandering stairway that extended from the sidewalk to the existing main entry. In order to incorporate natural stone into the pathway, we added large bands of natural flagstone to give the walkway an added “pop”.
At the start of the stairway, we added two decorative columns to accentuate the main entry. The columns are faced with a beautiful, natural stone that compliments the grey tones of the pathway. On top, we poured a colored concrete cap & placed two beautiful concrete pots filled with cascading perennials.
Finally, we added a beautiful new planting palette to the landscape design filled with heavy-blooming perennials & drought tolerant varieties. Now, our clients’ garden has been transformed with a dramatic grand entry & updated landscape design.