Landscape Design: A Recreated Outdoor Living Space for the Whole Family

Our clients had recently moved into their lovely new home but were completely disappointed in the back yard that had been given to them by the developer. They wanted a landscape design that could be an extension of the living space in their home. They wanted a space that could be used for entertaining, Sunday football games, & large family gatherings.
We began crafting their dream landscape design by expanding their existing concrete patio. Next, we installed an expansive, custom patio to give our clients more shade through our extreme summer temperatures. Built into the patio space, we created a custom outdoor kitchen that offers plenty of bar space for guests. Within our patio space, we also crafted a matching fire pit that doubles as outdoor seating.
Directly off from the main patio, we featured a beautiful blue ceramic fountain to give the space the soothing sound of falling water. Close by, we create another seating area using a large slab of natural slate.
Our clients’ garden is filled with lush shade trees & beautiful blooming perennials that will shine season after season.