Landscape Design: A Drought Tolerant Makeover

Our clients had a gorgeous, Spanish style home nestled in an older neighborhood of Bakersfield but they had one major problem: they hated their front yard. The original front yard was a chaotic hodgepodge of underdeveloped turf grass, overdeveloped weeds & dated concrete. They envisioned a landscape that would complement the stunning architectural style of the home & would be sustainable for our changing environment. In particular, they did not want turf grass to be the focal point of the garden design. Instead, they desired a landscape design that was water-friendly, colorful & as unique as their home. We loved their ideas & set out to create their perfect garden design.
First, we began with a clean slate! Even the dated, pinkish, concrete had to go! For our landscape design, we wanted a hardscape finish that would tie-into their Spanish style home & create a visual draw towards the front entry. We chose a Saltillo tile stamped concrete to compliment the historical look of the home with a modern twist. The stamped concrete is virtually identical to traditional Saltillo tile & is much less maintenance long-term. Our clients were blown away with how concrete could be made to look so realistically like tile. We now had the grand entry our clients had always wanted.
Next, we focused on crafting a planting palette for our landscape design that would meet all of our clients’ needs. In particular, we focused on using native plants & water-friendly bloomers that would give our clients tons of color! For our landscape design, we used beautiful waves of Salvias, Lavenders, ornamental grasses, & Lantana to create clouds of beautiful colors throughout the entire garden design. We also incorporated a number of productive plantings for our clients; this included Blueberries, Pomegranates, & a variety of citrus trees. While our plantings did fill our new landscape design, we also wanted to off-set the lushness of the plantings with a stone texture. We incorporated a decorative band of river stone, cobblestone, & hand stone that meanders throughout the entire garden design. This also created a very simple but beautiful walking space for our clients to take subtle detours throughout the landscape design.
A final touch for our garden design was the addition of LED landscape lighting. This way our clients garden design can be enjoyed long after the sun goes down! Our clients finally had a garden design that was as unique as the home they had always loved.
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