Custom Swimming Pool Creates Perfect Summer Vacation Destination

Our clients had just moved into their new home & with Summer fast approaching, were desperate for a swimming pool design that fit their unique property. The property was a little bit on the smaller side & it did feature a dramatic slope at its rear. While many other pool builders had looked at these features as obstacles, we saw an opportunity to create a swimming pool design that embraced these elements. Another key request our clients had was to create a pool that could also assist with their at-home exercise routine. Essentially, they wanted a swimming pool design that could also function as a lap pool for exercising.
We created a backyard swimming pool that embraced their unique property & created a dramatic focal point for their entire backyard. We retained the existing slope using a combination of masonry blocks & by creating an elevated wall on the backside of the swimming pool. This elevated wall feature is veneered with a richly colored natural stone & also offers an eye-catching water feature using three sheer descent down spouts.
The swimming pool we designed takes advantage of the length of the property to create the lap pool our clients requested. We used an L-shaped entry area so that we would not impede on the main swim lane when creating the shallow entry area to the backyard swimming pool. We completed the new swimming pool design by pouring a spacious pool deck that extends the outdoor living space of the entire backyard.