Chapel Garden Design

As part of Memorial Hospital’s extensive renovation to their campus, they also wanted to update their chapel’s garden space. Previously, it had simply been a collection of large flower pots. However, the space was very unique. It was an atrium space & was the primary view from the hospital’s chapel. We knew this space had an opportunity to be something great.
Our garden design centered on creating a peaceful & serene view for the chapel. Integral to this, we created a custom water fountain feature that provided the space with the relaxing sound of falling water. Around the water feature, our landscape design features a myriad of lush plantings. We also added a number of custom trellises with fragrant Star Jasmine climbing them. For an added visual, we created a colorful concrete pathway to reinforce the view as a pathway towards the peace provided by the environment.
Once completed, the new Monsignor Craig Harrison Interfaith Chapel Courtyard is a truly unique environment for this very special space on the campus of Memorial Hospital.
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