Broken Concrete Gives New Life to Patio Design

Patio Transforms With Broken Concrete
Our clients contacted us with a very specific request: they wanted to update the look of their patio/courtyard garden. Their biggest complaint? The whole patio was covered with a very dated tile that was definitely beginning to show its age. They wanted an alternative that would make this private patio space feel welcoming all over again.
As designers & contractors with experience in dozens of different hardscape methods/finishes, we walked our clients through the many options for this space. We looked at flagstone, stamped concrete, & even pavers. Our clients finally settled on one of our more unique offerings: broken concrete. Our clients loved the idea of the broken concrete because it would give them the unique, fractured style of flagstone & yet it would be as flat & smooth as concrete.
For those of you who are not familiar, broken concrete is exactly what it sounds like. We pour the concrete in large slabs, let it cure, & then begin carefully breaking the slabs into more manageable pieces. This is a very labor-intensive process, but the look is truly unique. Once we had our clients’ old patio tiles removed & we had our base prep completed, we began setting the broken concrete just like flagstone.
Once it was completed, our clients were amazed at the transformation. Now their patio/courtyard garden has a completely new feel & a much more modern look.