Backyard Landscape Design

Lush landscaping, soothing fountains, an outdoor kitchen & so much more!

Our clients had just moved into a new neighborhood in Bakersfield, CA & were struggling with their backyard. While they loved the new home, the backyard was a completely “blank slate”. It was daunting for them to even decide where to begin. They had a vague idea of the items they wanted incorporated into the landscape design: a water fountain or waterfall, a small lawn area, an outdoor kitchen & a low-maintenance landscaping design.

As landscape designers, we love small intimate gardens like this. If you have a smaller garden, a big reason to appreciate its size is that everything you do feels like it makes a big impact. We started the landscape design process by completing a thorough site evaluation. We looked at sun exposure, positive/negative views, sight lines from windows, future pathway locations, & lots more. Next, we created a detailed landscape design plan for our clients to approve. They LOVED the concept & we got right to work.

First, we started with something simple that packs a big “punch”. We painted their block wall a dark brown color. The sterile grey tone of the block wall was giving such a negative view to the backyard & painting it a dark color allows it to disappear into the background. It also makes items like your plants, flowers, & trees much more vibrant. After we had addressed the perimeter wall, we started on the concrete. Concrete is a critical part of our landscape designs & we wanted to give our clients an expanded patio area along with a walkway to their front yard. We opted for grey, salt finish concrete to match the rest of their existing concrete.

The next critical part of the landscape design was to decide on a fountain/waterfall. We recommended a pair of richly colored ceramic fountain pots because we felt strongly that this matched our clients’ home much better. We placed this beautiful fountain within view of all of windows facing the backyard & directly neighboring the patio space where our clients can see it the most. Fountains add so much to any landscape design because not only do they provide such a soothing sound, they allow you a great freedom to pick styles & colors that match your unique preferences.

Next, we set out to create the landscape design’s planting selection. We knew our clients wanted a low-maintenance landscape design with a smaller water-footprint but they also wanted the garden to impress. Therefore, we anchored the landscape design by using a grove of Vitex trees at the back wall. These beautiful, ornamental trees bloom in a dynamic purple in the hot of late spring/early summer. They also boast beautiful branching (even in winter) & are incredibly durable to the drought. We also used Pineapple Guava bushes to frame the view of the backyard. These gorgeous bushes are also a critical part of our client’s landscape design since they help soften the vinyl fencing that is on the east/west side of their property. To fill out the landscape design’s planting palette we incorporated Agave ‘Blue Glow’, Dianella, Lantana & Kangaroo Paw. These varieties give the landscape design a bold arrangement of colors & textures. We did also install a small area of grass for our clients & their pets.

We also knew that our clients loved to cook outdoors & desperately wanted an outdoor kitchen as part of their overall landscape design. They wanted a simple grill island that could accommodate nightly cooking & small parties. We created a beautiful island that connects seamlessly with the home’s architecture. We dressed the exterior with a bold, natural stone veneer makes it ‘pop’ against the home’s stucco. Now our clients have the perfect place to dine & entertain right outside their backdoor.

Finally, we suggested our clients should strongly consider LED lighting for the landscape design. This would allow the beauty of the trees, plants & fountain to shine even long after the sun goes down. Our clients agreed & they were so happy they did! Their Vitex trees are absolutely gorgeous at night & their branching is so stunning!