Artificial Turf Design Ideas that Will Provide Lush Green Lawn Saving Water

Our clients were tired of wasting thousands of gallons of water, each year, on their struggling turf grass. Their large property boasted expansive lawn areas in the front & rear landscape & both were causing more & more headaches with each passing year. The recent drought conditions had pushed our clients to finally consider a dramatic solution: synthetic turf.
We began their landscape’s transformation by completely removing all of their property’s grass. Nearly 4,500 square feet of grass was removed to make way for our synthetic turf & new garden design. Next, we replaced that expansive footage with a lush thatch of synthetic turf that our client had selected.
In addition to the major synthetic turf installation, we updated the overall look of the entire garden design. We added richly colored, concrete pots throughout the landscape to add seasonal annuals & color. We also added our striking, Monticello fountain near the front door to create a much more dramatic entry. The fountain also now gives a beautiful view to our clients’ main dining room. We were also able to add additional color surrounding the pool by installing a number of dynamic, red market umbrellas to the pool deck.
After the synthetic turf transformation, our clients are now able to enjoy a beautiful garden that is water-friendly example for the entire neighborhood.